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Rushmoor Lottery is two!

18 September 2019

A huge thank you to all our supporters.  You have raised an amazing £53,088 in the first two years!  Between you all you've bought 88,964 tickets and won 1,678 prizes worth over £11,556!

Here is how all the good causes are doing after two years:

Top 10 earning causes

1st £4,074.50 Farnborough Rugby Club
2nd £1,807.50 Farnborough Bowling Club
3rd £1,770.50 Farnborough & District, Parkinson's UK
4th £1,403.00 Parkside (Aldershot & District Learning Disability)
5th £1,291.50 BRAAIN
6th £1,225.00 Rushmoor Healthy Living
7th £1,224.50 Rushmoor International Association
8th £1,113.00 Farnborough Air Sciences Trust
9th £893.00 South Farnborough Infant School
10th £838.50 Devereux House


All good causes split into categories

Arts & Heritage groups Overall rank
1st £1,113.00 Farnborough Air Sciences Trust 8th
2nd £760.00 Forward 4 Wiz Trust 14th
3rd £427.00 West End Centre 26th
4th £280.00 Cove Brass 42nd
5th £269.50 Cody Musical Theatre Society 39th
6th £67.00 Aldershot and Farnborough Festival of Music and Art (Piano Section) 57th
7th £61.00 Pelly Concert Orchestra 61st
8th £0.00 Aldershot Military Museum 80th


Charities Overall rank
1st £1,770.50 Farnborough & District, Parkinson's UK 3rd
2nd £1,403.00 Parkside (Aldershot & District Learning Disability) 4th
3rd £1,291.50 BRAAIN 5th
4th £1,225.00 Rushmoor Healthy Living 6th
5th £838.50 Devereux House 10th
6th £807.00 The Community Matters Partnership Project (CMPP) 12th
7th £599.50 Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice Care 17th
8th £527.50 Royal British Legion Farnborough Branch 20th
9th £488.50 Jill's Fundraising Journey (JFJ) 21st
10th £403.50 Mustard Seed Autism Trust 27th
11th £402.00 The Vine Centre 28th
12th £397.00 HappyCats Rescue 29th
13th £347.50 Challengers 33rd
14th £345.00 Citizens Advice Rushmoor 34th
15th £301.00 Step by Step 39th
16th £206.50 Rushmoor & Surrey Heath Community First Responders 40th
17th £204.50 The Society Of St James 41st
18th £192.00 Surrey Heath Veterans & Families - Listening Project (SHV&F-LP) 44th
19th £183.50 Limbcare 45th
20th £164.50 Aldershot Royal Naval Association 48th
21st £99.50 Aldershot & District Tinnitus Support Group 53rd
22nd £88.00 Rushmoor Voluntary Services 54th
23rd £84.00 Aldershot Royal British Legion 56th
24th £64.00 The Knights Foundation Trust 59th
25th £40.00 Parity for Disability* 66th
26th £29.50 The Species Recovery Trust 69th
27th £24.00 Samaritans of Farnborough and District 72nd
28th £18.00 Spotlight UK 75th
29th £17.00 Chloe's & Sophie's Special Ears Fund* 76th
30th £8.50 Stop Domestic Abuse* 78th
31st £0.00 brighterway 80th
31st £0.00 deafPLUS 80th
31st £0.00 MHA Hart & Rushmoor Live at Home Scheme 80th


Community groups Overall rank
1st £1,224.50 Rushmoor International Association 7th
2nd £595.50 Aldershot Lions Club (Branch Club of Fleet Lions) 18th
3rd £473.50 The Aldershot Civic Society 22nd
4th £305.00 Farnborough St John Ambulance 38th
5th £194.50 Blackwater Valley Countryside Trust 42nd
6th £59.00 Farnborough & District Stroke/Aphasia Group 62nd
7th £54.00 AISBreakingbarriers 63rd
8th £49.50 Hawley Community Garden 65th
9th £23.00 Farnborough Deaf GW Club* 73rd
10th £0.00 Aldershot Community Together* 80th
10th £0.00 Southwood Church, Cove 80th


Educational groups Overall rank
1st £893.00 South Farnborough Infant School 9th
2nd £681.00 Southwood Infant School 15th
3rd £359.50 Fernhill Primary School 32nd
4th £333.50 Fernhill School Library 35th
5th £315.50 St. Bernadette's Bees Pre-School 37th
6th £296.00 Wellington Community Primary School PTA 40th
7th £174.00 Friends of Parsonage school 46th
8th £141.50 Farnborough Grange Nursery Infant Community School 51st
9th £127.50 St John's Pre School 52nd
10th £88.00 Bevan Lodge CIO 54th
11th £18.50 Beaumont Community Preschool 74th
12th £8.50 Grange Junior School 78th
13th £6.50 Cove Pavillion Pre-School 79th
14th £0.00 Little Bears Toddler Group 80th
14th £0.00 Oak Farm Preschool 80th
14th £0.00 St Mark's Primary School PTA* 80th


Sports Clubs Overall rank
1st £4,074.50 Farnborough Rugby Club 1st
2nd £1,807.50 Farnborough Bowling Club 2nd
3rd £808.00 Cove Bowling Club 11th
4th £765.00 Aldershot Underwood Bowling Club 13th
5th £436.00 Badshot Lea Football CLub 24th
6th £434.50 Farnborough Football Club 25th
7th £381.50 Blackwater Valley Canoe Club 30th
8th £193.50 Cove Sports and Social Club 43rd
9th £168.00 Shots Foundation 47th
10th £64.50 Farnborough Youth For Christ 58th
11th £63.00 Aldershot & Farnham Hockey Club 60th
12th £36.50 Fox Gymnastics Club 67th
13th £25.00 Bechkwin Community Cycling Club 71th
14th £14.00 Eclipse Allstars Cheerleading 77th
15th £0.00 Aldershot Cricket Club* 80th
15th £0.00 Aldershot Youth Swimming Club 80th
15th £0.00 Hawley Badminton Club 80th


Youth groups Overall rank
1st £609.50 2nd Farnborough Scout Group 16th
2nd £587.00 2nd Aldershot Scout Group 19th
3rd £448.00 14th Aldershot Scout Group 23rd
4th £363.50 The Source Young People's Charity & Creating Futures 31st
5th £324.00 6th Farnborough Scouts Group 36th
6th £282.00 1st Cove Brownies 41st
7th £156.50 3rd Farnborough Scout group 49th
8th £146.00 4th Aldershot Scout Group 50th
9th £36.00 No 413 (Aldershot) Squadron Air Cadets* 68th
10th £29.00 1st Cove Scout Group 70th
11th £0.00 Blackwater Valley District Explorer Scout Unit Phanthoms 80th


*Joined during 2019


Our causes are on track to raise £37,533.60 this year

17.63% Complete

1,203 tickets of our 6,825 ticket goal

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Our causes are on track to raise £37,533.60 this year

17.63% Complete

1,203 tickets of our 6,825 ticket goal